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I was struggling with a level calculus (differentiation). Dawn was fantastic at helping solve absolutely everything i was stuck on, ive now mastered it and couldnt recommend distance tutoring over skype with dawn enough. Its perfect, effective and simple to use. Ill definately be using Dawns expertise again.
I Had Dawn as my Math teacher for quite a bit to help me prepare for my igcse exams and i can confidently say thats she really helped me improve my math skills!She is also very committed as when she was not in the country she still skyped me to give me lessons.Highly Recommend her😁
i have found Dawn to be a very patient teacher, who has helped both of my children enormously. She seems to know exactly where to pitch the lessons for over learning and the introduction of new material. Dawn scaffolds the info so as difficult concepts can be readily assimilated. i have found that my children's confidence has increased hugely, which has translated into their school work. Thanks Dawn!
Dawn is patient and dedicated. She works with each child according to their specific needs and personality. She is a true gem!
We move around the globe a lot and that can often lead to “holes” in the education of our children. Dawn came highly recommended and she has helped both of my kids with their journey of attempting to fill those holes! I have seen their confidence grow tremendously as they are approached by other students for help. Dawn is incredibly patient and nurturing with them, they respect her and embrace their time with her. I cannot recommend her enough!
Lovely and dedicated teacher ❤ Our daughters benefited tremendously of her tuition 😊
Dawn did an amazing job for 2 years. She managed to get the love of maths instilled in my daughter so that her room was filled with post it notes equations and examples on every wall before those big end of year school exams. Needless to say, a great pass and a University Passage in Uk subsequently for a very dyscalculique student. Will never forget. Thanks Dawn!
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